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The Joint Radio Show

May 4, 2023

"Sometimes I'm on hype, sometimes I'm on chill mode..." On the show today: Ambient bagpipes, hip hop mashups, synths and ballet symphonies amongst others in the forms of Kerbside Collection, Jay-Z vs Gil Scott-Heron, seb the vegabond, JPEGMAFIA x Danny Brown, Westside Gunn, Andrew Mbaruk and Rhys Langston, Lord Apex & El Lif, Thomas Bangalter, Men An Tol, Six O'Matic, Zane 2000, The Glass Eye, Blair Parkes, SQÜRL, Jessy Lanza, Monte Mai, Frikardo & Igor Gonya, Unloved, SBTRKT, Vick Lavender, Lorenzo Morresi & Le Isole, Surprise Chef, 2XM, Bacao Rhythm and Steel Band, and Biosphere. 
Eclectic, left-field and off-kilter selections from The Herb Whisperer and Fraserhead.

And notebooks out completists, here's the playlist in full...

JAY-Z VS GIL SCOTT-HERON    -    New York (Concept de Paris)
SEB THE VEGABOND    -    butterfly effect (feat. Lui Mill)
JPEGMAFIA X DANNY BROWN    -    Fentanyl Tester
WESTSIDE GUNN    -    Mac Don't Stop
ANDREW MBARUK AND RHYS LANGSTON    -    Dylan Thomas and James Baldwin Walk into a Bar (feat. Old Grape God)
LORD APEX & EL LIF    -    Hype & Chill *
THOMAS BANGALTER    -    L'Accouchement
MEN AN TOL    -    Womb of The Ancient Ones
SIX O'MATIC    -    The Land of Nod
ZANE 2000    -    Thank You Demi
THE GLASS EYE    -    We Are The Johns
THE GLASS EYE    -    Mania
THE GLASS EYE    -    Scum Surfer
BLAIR PARKES    -    breezy
BLAIR PARKES    -    we control the message
BLAIR PARKES    -    la la lee
SQÜRL    -    John Ashbery Takes A Walk (feat. Charlotte Gainsbourg)
JESSY LANZA    -    Don't Leave Me Now
MONTE MAI    -    Peaches and Limes
FRIKARDO & IGOR GONYA    -    Fate & Chance
UNLOVED    -    Number in my phone
SBTRKT    -    L.F.O. (feat. Sampha & George Riley)
VICK LAVENDER    -    Shifting Gears (Vick Lavender's Time Traveler Mix)
LORENZO MORRESI & LE ISOLE    -    Sulla Strada Della Luna
SURPRISE CHEF    -    Talent Stick
2XM    -    Absolute
BIOSPHERE    -    Baby Satellite

* The inspiration for this week’s lyrical heading.