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The Joint Radio Show

Jun 28, 2016

Omelettes… a quick and easy way for us to whisk up a collection of tunes currently whetting our appetite.

In OMELETTES 003 the main ingredients that came to hand were hazy, dreamy pop tunes and dark synths and moods from the likes of PURO INSTINCT, YUMI ZOUMA, NITE JEWEL, DESIRE, FAZERDAZE, FATIMA, CHROMATICS, TINY RUINS, LANA DEL REY, ÉLAN VITAL, ALAEXANDRA ATNIF, HELENA CELLE, INSTANT FANTASY, and PURPLE PILGRIMS.


  • DUSTY ▼▲ - #4
  • Puro Instinct - What You See
  • Yumi Zouma - Keep It Close To Me (Cyril Hahn Remix)
  • Nite Jewel - Over the Weekend
  • Desire - Don't Call
  • Fazerdaze - Little Uneasy
  • Fatima - Biggest Joke Of All
  • Chromatics - Shadow
  • Tiny Ruins - Dream Wave
  • Lana Del Rey - Religion
  • Élan Vital - Janina
  • Alexandra Atnif - Touched by Leather Gloves
  • Helena Celle - Live Slug Array for Information Processing
  • Instant Fantasy - I've Given Up On You
  • Purple Pilgrims - Perpetual Prelude
  • DUSTY ▼▲ - #7

Let Julia Child and friends help you master the art of French cooking.