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The Joint Radio Show

Feb 9, 2008

  • THE MOLDY PEACHES "Anyone Else But You"
  • THE MOLDY PEACHES "NYC's Like A Graveyard"
  • DESTROYER "Rivers"
  • LET'S WRESTLE "I Won't Lie To You"
  • THE TIGER TONES "I Love You But I Hate You" **NZ**
  • SCHOOL OF LANGUAGE "Rockist (Part 1)"
  • CORRECTO "Do It Better"
  • EL GUINCHO "Buenos Matrimonios Ahi Fuera"
  • TERMANOLOGY featuring ROYCE DA 5'9, CROOKED I, AKROBATIK & CONSEQUENCE "The Music Industry (Remix)"
  • LA PRIEST "Swing Youth"
  • DJ DONNA SUMMER "Rock Rock Rock"
  • THE TEENAGERS "Homecoming (Gentlemen Drivers Rave Mix)"
  • CUT OFF YOUR HANDS "Closed Eyes" **NZ**
  • BATTANT "Kevin (1989)"