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The Joint Radio Show

May 24, 2008

  • JUSTUS KOHNCKE "Molybdän"
  • QUIET VILLAGE "Can't Be Beat"
  • MOCHIPET featuring 215, THE FREASHEST KIDS, MIKE BOO & TAIWANKID "Rambunktion"
  • THE BUG featuring WARRIOR QUEEN "Poison Dart (South Rakkas Crew Remix)"
  • FUTURECOP! "Starworshipper"
  • FUTURECOP! "Youngstar"
  • HOTPANTS ROMANCE "Hotpants No Chance"
  • THE NIGHT MARCHERS "In Dead Sleep (I Snore ZZZZ)"
  • THE STEERS "Julia"
  • 3RD INERTIA "Grass" **NZ**
  • SHIT AND SHINE "Creepy Ballerina"
  • SLOAN "Witch's Wand"