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The Joint Radio Show

Dec 13, 2008

  • MICROPENIS "Jeremy Warmsley Stole My Trust Fund"
  • MICROPENIS "The Lonesome Death Of Alan McGee"
  • MICROPENIS "Goodbye Boyfriend"
  • DISCO ROCKETS "Running To You"
  • SANTOGOLD "Shove It (Switch Remix)"
  • EMPIRE OF THE SUN "Standing On The Shore"
  • EMPIRE OF THE SUN "Half Mast"
  • EMPIRE OF THE SUN "Country"
  • THE BPA "He's Frank (Slight Return)"
  • PARIS "Rebels Without Applause"
  • TWO FINGERS featuring DURRTY GOODZ "Have It Like That"
  • BEANS "Diamond Halo Grenade"
  • LORD GRUNGE "Dude, Where's My Car"
  • KATY PERRY "Hot N Cold"