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The Joint Radio Show

Jan 31, 2009

  • PROPER VILLAINS "Trick Baby"
  • L-EX "Cutoff"
  • MEMORY CASSETTE "Last One Awake"
  • MEMORY CASSETTE "Body In The Water"
  • TELEFON TEL AVIV "Helen Of Troy"
  • JOLIE CHERIE "Losing Control"
  • N.A.S.A. featuring SPANK ROCK, M.I.A. & SANTOGOLD "Whatchadoin?"
  • MAD PROFESSOR "White House Race"
  • CASSETTEBOY "We Are The World"
  • CORNISH WATERS presents BRIGADIER SMYTHE "Look To Myself For Faith"
  • DAN LE SAC VS SCROOBIUS PIP "Thou Shalt Always Kill (De La Edit Featuring Pos Plug Won)"
  • SQUAREPUSHER "Illegal Dustbin"
  • NINE INCH NAILS "Wish (J.G. Thirlwell Remix)"
  • POLLY SCATTERGOOD "Nitrogen Pink"