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The Joint Radio Show

Jul 23, 2016

Almost back from the dead.

Here's the playlist in full...

  • Caterina Valente - Ol' Man River
  • DJ Shadow - Nobody Speak (feat. Run the Jewels)
  • Beyoncé - 6 Inch (feat. The Weeknd)
  • Isaac Hayes - Walk On By
  • Prince Blackman - Rockers Delight [Waxist Edit]
  • Luscious Jackson - Ladyfingers (Kurt's Guaranteed Every Time Mix)
  • Puro...

Jul 9, 2016

In OMELETTES 004 the main ingredients that came to hand were soundtrackish tunes, bleepy beats, and the funk from the likes of HYKKERS, JOHN CARPENTER, DIE VERBOTEN, LES BAXTERS, GEORGE KAMM, SHXCXCHCXSH, AVOID!AVOID and many more.


  • DUSTY – #7
  • DJ Shadow – The Mountain Will Fall
  • Com Truise – du...