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The Joint Radio Show

Apr 10, 2016


Greetings friends, family, whānau.

Today is our last show before we head off on an indefinite sabbatical. Other commitments mean we need to take a break for a while.

The Joint first broadcast on RDU way back in July 2001 when the frequency was still 98.3FM. We started out on Sunday afternoons but after a while switched to Saturday afternoons. The reasons are lost in the mists of time.

By our really rough and unscientific calculations we reckon we’ve done 665 shows so far. That makes this final show today episode number 666. Not a shabby effort really. To put that in some completely unrelated context Ryan Giggs made 672 league appearances for Manchester United and David O’Leary made 558 league appearance for Arsenal.

Thank you for all your kind messages via Facebook, Twitter and the RDU text machine. It was a blast.

To paraphrase and plagiarise James Murphy…

Yeah, we lost our edge.
The kids came up from behind.
We lost our edge to the kids from France and from London and from Christchurch.
But we were there.
We lost our edge to better-looking people with better ideas and more talent.
And they’re actually really, really nice.

It’s farewell, not goodbye.

Ka kite ano
The Herb Whisperer & Fraserhead

Here’s the playlist in full…