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The Joint Radio Show

Jun 14, 2019

RIP Mark "Sexy Animal" Banfield aka The Beckenham Butcher, plus Elvis impersonator extraordinaire, and long time fan and supporter of The Joint. For that reason a sneaky, sleazy and dirty threesome of SEXY ANIMALS tracks on the show today.

Also, cuts from the likes of Martin Creed, Céline Gillain, GRÜN WASSER, The Golden Filter, Nasty King Kurl, Flandiz, Yu Su, Puma & The Dolphin, Eversines, KiNK & Rachel Row, Astrïd, NOIA, Yumi Zouma, The Spectre Collective, Motte, Yu Su, Captain Over, PAPLOCO, Liam K. Swiggs, Brian Crook with The Renderers, Bill Callahan, and The Sea and Cake.

Eclectic, left-field and off-kilter selections from The Herb Whisperer and Fraserhead.