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The Joint Radio Show

Apr 7, 2018

Life And Death On The NY Dance Floor Life And Death On The NY Dance Floor

A lazy and feckless Herb Whisperer is outsourcing the majority of his show  duties this week. Replacing the usual combination of distorted guitars, African new wave & woozy hip hop are two mixes lifted from 20 Jazz Funk Greats - Fuck Guns and Water Flowing Underground.

XXJFG is one of our oldest and dearest MP3 blogs - Fluxblog is the only one we have been visiting for longer - and many of their musical selections have made their way into Joint playlists over the past decade.

The one song choice The Herb Whisperer did make this week was the 16 minute disco track "Hills Of Katmandu", as recommended in "Life And Death On The New York Dance Floor 1980 - 1983". Many of the chapters in this book come with playlists based upon that era's DJs' favourites - Mancuso, Levan, Kamins, Bambaataa et al. If only the author, Tim Lawrence, had also published those same playlists on Spotify it would have saved The Herb Whisperer one further job (as we said, lazy and feckless).


And here's the playlist in full...