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The Joint Radio Show

Jun 14, 2008

  • KODE9 + THE SPACEAPE "Curious"
  • JAY ELECTRONICA "Uzi weights a ton"
  • JAY ELECTRONICA "So what you sayin'"
  • WEEZER "El Scorcho"
  • ROOTS MANUVA "Buff Nuff"
  • BURIAL "Spaceape"
  • FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS "Something special for the ladies"
  • MORON SAYS WHAT?!?! "Wikipedia" **NZ**
  • ELEMENO P "Verona" - The Deceptikonz version
  • QUIET VILLAGE "Keep on rolling"
  • PHELPS & MUNRO "Horse winning without rider" **NZ**
  • CASSETTEBOY "Nigella's XXXmas"