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The Joint Radio Show

Jun 28, 2008

  • THE FALL "Is This New"
  • VELVET UNDERGROUND "Here She Comes Now"
  • THE LODGER "The Good Old Days"
  • TIGER TONES "Seventeen" **NZ**
  • N.Y. OIL featuring CHUCK D "Soldier Somebody Is Lying"
  • JAY ELECTRONICA "Victory Is In My Clutches"
  • FLYING LOTUS "Melt!"
  • FLYING LOTUS "Golden Diva"
  • ROOTS MANUVA "Buff Nuff"
  • USAF "Take A Stand"
  • ANTHROPOPHAGOUS REX "Goth Booty, Goth Pie"
  • HEMME FATALE "Animal Lover"
  • NATHAN JOHNSON "Emily's Theme"
  • N*E*R*D "Everyone Nose (Roll Deep Remix)"