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The Joint Radio Show

Jul 19, 2008

  • SHIT AND SHINE "Kuss Mich. Meine Liebe"
  • SIRHAN SIRHAN "Burn It Down"
  • EAT SKULL "Fade To Smoke"
  • NOZE "Danse Avec Moi"
  • THE DEAD SCIENCE "Monster Island Czars"
  • JORGE BEN "Crioula"
  • JORGE BEN "Barbarella"
  • JORGE BEN "Take It Easy My Brother Charles"
  • SURGEON "Right Road To Dubland"
  • THE BUGLE "Iran"
  • ITAL TEK "Deep Pools"
  • THE WAVE PICTURES "Cassius Clay"
  • CASSIUS CLAY "I Am The Greatest"
  • VIRUS "Christchurch Hiphop 08"