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The Joint Radio Show

Aug 16, 2008

  • PACIFIC HEIGHTS featuring J DUBS, ARIES & LADI 6 "Dreaming" **NZ**
  • PACIFIC HEIGHTS "The Show Is Over" **NZ**
  • PACIFIC HEIGHTS "Make It Easier" **NZ**
  • A SUNNY DAY IN GLASGOW "Ghost In The Graveyard (Remix By Ulrich Schnauss)"
  • EL GUINCHO "Galapagos"
  • ARCH M "Cat Grave"
  • PASSION PIT "Sleepyhead"
  • ZINGONE featuring NINA "Happy Face (Auto Remix)"
  • EPIK HIGH "Breakdown (Supreme Mix)"
  • DUCHESS SAYS "Ccut Up"
  • GIN DRINKER "Ayn Rand Says"
  • THE YOLKS "I Do What I Do"
  • REMINDER "As It's Falling Off"
  • ENDUSER "Retaliation"