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The Joint

Feb 21, 2019

"Everything is going super wrong right now..." On the show today: NO ACCIDENT, Jura Soundsystem, 70's network, Wa Wu We, Silent Freeway, Kate Carr, The Spectre Collective, Jessica Pratt, Devi McCallion & Katie Dey, BLACK RAIN, Julia Holter, Jay Glass Dubs, King Midas Sound, Zolaa, Rian Treanor, and Mac-Talla Nan Creag.

Feb 9, 2019

And here's the playlist in full...

  • JPEGMAFIA  - I Cannot Fucking Wait Til Morrissey Dies *
  • GLO MACARI  - Lookin' For Love
  • UNPERFECT  - Gots To Give The Girl
  • J DILLA  - Nothing Like This
  • HEALTH  - Strange Days (1999)
  • POWDER  - New...

Feb 5, 2019

"Old man take a look at my life, I'm a lot like you..." On the show today: Liam K. Swiggs, The Maghreban, Antonio Sorrentino, Oro, Donatella Viggiano, Free Level, Joe Cleen, Silent Freeway, Martina Lussi, Jessica Pratt, The Spectre Collective, blacksquares, Peter Wright, Jay Glass Dubs, Jura Soundsystem, Social Sport,...

Jan 26, 2019

Still trawling through other people's favourite songs from 2018 (Jockstrap, Shotty Horroh, Nazar, Adultery Kidding, Map 71). At this rate we expect to have completed an extensive review of last year by the middle of 2021.

We do have one eye on 2019 with new a tune from Soak and a new remix of The Mouse Outfit.

  • MSRY...

Jan 22, 2019

"We have creative minds, that's what makes us beautifully dressed." On the show today: Jaggers x Lines, Ekkah, Donn'Anna, Golden Ivy, Filmico, Jaga & Kamandi, Dilemma Beats, Molly, Moomin, Kelvin Hurts, Kerretta, Adam Hattaway and the Haunters, Supernova Wolf, Jimothy Lacoste, Jackal The Blackal, Champagne Dub, Petite...