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The Joint Radio Show

Apr 16, 2019

"Like a fool, I call you on a Saturday..." On the show today: Robby Bowen & Adam Holmes, Massimiliano Pagliara, FJAAK, AAAA, Nathan de Broize-King, Jackal The Blackal, Supernova Wolf, Purpleman & Jess Aspinwall, Ruins, Will Van Horn, Model Home, Yumi Zouma, Celia Mancini, 2XM, jasonvsshotgun, Prefuse 73, Mr. Oizo, Nikki Nair, Locked Groove, Keller Crackers, Stephen Newhouse, Asuna & Jan Jelinek, Don't DJ, Sarah Davies, Tevo Howard, Memotone, Jako Maron, Josh Cohen, and DJ Psychiatre. 

Eclectic, left field and off-kilter selections from The Herb Whisperer and Fraserhead.