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The Joint Radio Show

Oct 4, 2020

We admit that the pun for this week's show title came first and we then frantically tried to base a playlist around it. Very much a cart-before-the-horse scenario.

It proved to be a good excuse for our biennial trawl through the Cocteau Twins back catalogue, cover versions and all. This included finding a surprising take on "Wax & Wane" by Deftones, which narrowly failed to make the cut in today's set.

The QAnon portion of the pun is provided by an interview from the All Gas No Brakes YouTube channel (imagine a Louis Theroux documentary put through a Tim & Eric filter).

Additional material is taken from On The Media's "Spheres Of Influence" which takes a dive into "conspirituality" and the rise of pastel QAnon.

And on with the show...

[mixcloud width=100% height=120 hide_cover=1]

Direct download: The Joint - 3 October 2020

Notebooks out completists, here's the playlist in full...

  • SAINT SEVERIN  -  The Knife (Original Mix)
  • OBSKÜR  -  Bayside
  • SPELLLING  -  Under The Sun
  • TAME IMPALA  -  Borderline (Blood Orange Remix)
  • OPEN MIKE EAGLE  -  I’m A JoeStar
  • E L L E  -  Catfish
  • GOAT GIRL  -  Sad Cowboy
  • LAVA LA RUE  -  G.O.Y.D.
  • BAT FOR LASHES  -  We've Only Just Begun
  • AMAARAE  -  Fancy
  • JIMMY EDGAR  -  Get Up (featuring Danny Brown)
  • SINEAD O'BRIEN  -  Roman Ruins
  • JANELLE MONÁE  -  Turntables
  • A. SWAYZE & THE GHOSTS - Connect To Consume
  • SAULT  -  You Know It Ain't
  • JOHN MARTYN  -  Small Hours
  • BLACK TO COMM  -  Stolen Androgens
  • COCTEAU TWINS *  -  Donimo
  • DOMENIQUE DUMONT  -  People On Sunday
  • WILLIAM BASINSKI  -  Tear Vial
  • JPEGMAFIA  -  Last Dance!
  • NO ONE KNOWS WHO DID THIS  -  I'm Junk, I'm Drunk
  • THE CRIBS  -  I Don’t Know Who I Am (featuring Lee Ranaldo)
  • CLIPPING  -  '96 Neve Campbell (featuring Cam & China)
  • SAULT  -  Little Boy
  • SUBP YAO  -  Mad And Mean (featuring Warrior Queen)
  • SEBii  -  Play Poker
  • PETER PHILIPPE WEISS  -  Subway (Intenta Version)

* The inspiration for this week's lyrical heading.