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The Joint Radio Show

Jul 12, 2008

Apologies for this week's sound quality - we had, umm, "recording difficulties" in the studio....
  • ITAL TEK "Tokyo Freeze"
  • RUSTIE "Early Learning"
  • WILEY featuring JOOKIE MUNDO "Sky Is Falling"
  • DJ PINCH "E Motiv"
  • QUIET VILLAGE "Pillow Talk"
  • MUSIC GO MUSIC "Explorers Of The Heart"
  • MISS KITTIN "Wash And Dry"
  • SALEM "Whenusleep"
  • RUBIES "Turquoise"
  • OTTO VON SCHIRACH "Subatomic Disco Divas"
  • SHIT AND SHINE "Mr & Mrs Gingerbread Hawaii"
  • ARIEL PINK "Let's Build A Campfire There"
  • THE VICHY GOVERMENT "Poor Little Chelsea Fan"
  • SPIRITUALIZED® "Goodnight Goodnight"