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The Joint Radio Show

Sep 30, 2016

Our lyric of the week award goes to...

...Pulco for "Clapping hands and acting fools, perverts on a stage".

On today's show marvel at Dolly Parton's first ever recording (14 years old), Adam & The Ants reinterpreting The Village People, brand new Wiley, a (rightly?) long forgotten JAMC dance remix, an Annie...

Sep 17, 2016

"Don't be afraid, it's only blood." Straight into the wonky and wobbly with Moogy synths, washing machine techno on hard sudsy cycles in the middle, the beats break up after that, and then we finish off with the pop. And here's the playlist in full...

  • I Monster - The fantastic tale of Dr. MOOG and the birth of...

Sep 3, 2016

  • Georgie Fame - Vinyl
  • Blanck Mass - D7-D5 (The Herb Whisperer Rub)
  • Swet Shop Boys - T5
  • UTFO - Just Watch
  • Fat White Family - Breaking Into Aldi
  • Alex Cameron - She's Mine
  • FaltyDL - Drugs (feat. Rosie Lowe)
  • Boogarins - Let's Go Away For A While

[a word from our sponsor 1]

  • Frank Ocean - Nights
  • Half Waif - Turn Me...

Sep 1, 2016

Tulip Black's inaugural mix for 8K takes us on a journey through electronic beats, sifty synth pop, chamber pop, hip hop, and R'n'B. Buckle in for treats from the likes of Christine and the Queens, FKA twigs, Jamila Woods, ABRA, Peaches and many others.

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And here’s the...

Sep 1, 2016

"Hungry is the ghost inside of me." Off-kilter beats, digital drums, air drumming, a 1980s classic, washing machine techno, music with guitars(!), mellower tubby beats, and finished off with some introspective country and dreamy folk.

And here's the playlist in full...

  • Hoyt Curtin - Battle of the Planets intro
  • Bear...