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The Joint Radio Show

Aug 22, 2019

"The dishes are piling up, but that's cool cos at least we've got food..." On the show today: Gold Medal Famous, Jains Mind, Clairo, Sui Zhen, Purple Pilgrims, Aksel & Aino, 79rs Gang, Caural, I Jahbar, 100 gecs, PAPLOCO, The Bob Lazar Story, Goblin, Jonathan Fitoussi & JB Dunckel, Seahawks, Sfire, Le Rubrique,...

Aug 10, 2019

And here's the playlist in full...

  • THE TORNADOS  -  Do You Come Here Often?*
  • BEAK  -  Life Goes On
  • JAHDER  -  Bagigi Dub
  • LEFT AT LONDON  -  I Split My Ribs Open (featuring Open Mike Eagle)
  • PHARMAKON  -  Self-Regulating System
  • TORCHE  -  Slide
  • SANSIBAR  -  Used To Live In Detroit (Boy...

Aug 8, 2019

"I think you owe us $750." On the show today: Jains Mind, Gil Scott-Heron, Lone, Perel, Black Dresses, Kool Aid, Weeping Icon, Le Prince Harry, Olympia, MEDaL, Sumi Sauce, Kapitan, Kelly Moran, Félicia Atkinson, 2XM, Purpleman, Jackal The Blackal, Irie Mona, Khruangbin, G Sudden, I Jahbar, ULTRAVIOLET, Mekine U Teksi,...