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The Joint Radio Show

Mar 24, 2018

And here's the playlist in full...

  • ESSAIE PAS  -  Substance M
  • FLAME 1  -  Fog
  • LAUREN AUDER  -  For Those Who Patiently Endure
  • FRANKIIE  -  Glory Me
  • YASSASSIN  -  Mermaidistic Personality Disorder
  • SUNFLOWERS  -  Signal Hill
  • PARROTS, THE  -  Soy Peor
  • BOOJI BOYS  -  Piscine Perfect
  • PARQUET...

Mar 20, 2018

On the show today... Lolina, Instant Fantasy, Boycrush, Estère, Coco Solid, KUF, A.A.L (Against All Logic), Custard Square, Turner Street Sound, Purpleman, Jess Aspinwall, seaside, Dabrye, ΔKTR, Guilty Simpson, Yumgod, BOY HARSHER, Holy Motors, The Limiñanas, Salad Boys, Lawrence Arabia, Twin Shadow, Rhye, Leif,...

Mar 10, 2018

If, like us, you're fed up with the NRA because they don't go far enough in protecting the 2nd amendment rights of our Trans-Pacific cousins, then let us introduce you to the Gun Owners Of America, the National Association for Gun Rights, the Second Amendment Foundation and, our favourite, Jews For The Preservation of...

Mar 8, 2018

Featuring the likes of the likes of Stef Animal, Twin Shadow, Curxes, Chikiss, Yves De Mey, Evitceles, Carmen Villain, Coco Solid, Yumi Murata, Pine, Salad Boys, P-Bass Expressway, seaside, Cardboard&Computers, World Air, Boy Dude, 2XM, Koji Ono, Hatchback, Morgen Wurde, Annanan and Tv.out, Moses Boyd, Leonardo...