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The Joint Radio Show

Jan 21, 2022

First up, let us acknowledge that the misheard lyric meme is tired, dated and had burnt itself out way before memes even existed.

Having said that, we did have cause to stop and stare in wonder at our speakers the other week when we listened to the opening verse of The Weeknd's "Less Than Zero". The accompanying  lyric...

Jan 8, 2022

In the absence of any spare time during the holiday season to listen to our usual quota of new tunes, we've had to re-examine the songs that didn't make the playlist cut first time around.

Good job too. How could we have originally overlooked Eris Drew's attempt to cram 30+ years of classic dance music loops,...

Dec 12, 2021

RIP Robbie Shakespeare,

Not sure if "Boops (Here To Go)" is the song he'd most want to be remembered for but it's in today's playlist because it's an 80's cut-n-paste classic here at The Joint HQ.

RIP Steve Bronski...

We managed to sneak in a snippet from the 12" version of "Smalltown Boy" at the end of the show to...

Nov 26, 2021

Two cover versions on todays show.

The Ridiculous Trio drag The Stooges' "No Fun" back through time and plant it firmly in the middle of a 1950's U.S. strip club. Maybe that's the life it was always meant to have, the opening track on a Las Vegas grind CD.

The second cover poses a philosophical question. Can a person...

Nov 13, 2021

Video of the week goes to Geno Pacino - partly because it's a timely, seasonal reminder to start digging out the Vince Guaraldi vinyl

Or is video of the week Hedda Mae's homage to various other 90's and 00's music clips?

And on with the...